iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) Development: The 13th Module

Post date: May 28, 2011 1:02:39 AM

While we were busy with training this semester, I learned that some departments have been recently blessed with new iPads on top of those who already have the iPhone or iPod Touch. Well, one of the best kept secrets is that if you know how to develop a FileMaker solution, like those 19 trainees who completed spring training, you already know how to develop applications for all those iOS devices with the hardware and software you already have. To use all those databases and applications, all you need on your iOS device is FileMaker Go, and you'll have as many apps as you can shake a FileMaker Pro client at.

Those who got their training materials this spring have a Module 13, which covers specific uses of and development tips for FileMaker Go. Those who don't have Module 13 can download it for free here:

If, for some strange reason, several of you want Eric Matthews to lead a course based on this module, you'll have to start another small riot requesting this class from the Center for Faculty of Development (, copying It might take about half a dozen trainees and a few managers, deans, or chairs to get this class scheduled.