Version 0.8.3

By Eric Matthews at SJSU

USER WARNING: This database solution contains password(s) that can only be provided by the Developer identified above.

TransitMaster (TM) includes the complete VTA transit feed in a mobile app database. That is, all 81 routes; 3,828 stop locations; 16,155 trips; and 731,963 stop times (from both pre and post July 11 schedules to demonstrate dynamic effective dating).  It can run as a standalone application using MacOS or Windows, and opens as a database file on Windows or MacOS using FileMaker Pro or on an iPhone or iPad using FileMaker Go.
About FileMaker Go for iOS:
FileMaker Pro 30-day trial:

TransitMaster primarily accommodates the iPhone's portrait screen, but easily adapts to landscape and opens wider on larger screens.

This version, 0.8, has the following features:
  1. Search and browse the complete list of stops, view in detail.
  2. Open any stop location (underlined coordinates) in the iOS maps application or web browser. (Requires Internet connection)
  3. See the stop's complete schedule of route departures by date and time. Stops that are not timepoints show the prior timepoint's time and approximate distance.
  4. Navigate stops in route order or reverse order (<- ->).
  5. Search and browse the complete list of routes and view in detail.
  6. See a route's schedule by selecting a departure stop and even a destination stop, again by date and time. Stops that are not timepoints show the prior timepoint's departure time and approximate distance.
  7. Also included: all transit feed tables, browsable, searchable, and sortable.
  8. Keep detailed notes relating to stops or routes.
Except where noted, all features work offline; no Internet connection required.

Future updates will provide performance improvements and the ability to find stops nearest to other stops or to current GPS locations. Imminent versions will allow riders to take notes and photos related to any stop, route, or trip for personal use or sharing with friends or VTA. E.g.: TransitMaster can forward itineraries or report vandalism or information with precise stop locations and details.

This version is free, but the transit feed will be out of date soon (according to the GTFS calendar). This year's update will be free depending on development hardware costs. (I developed TransitMaster from scratch in less than 10 days of my spare time using FileMaker Pro and a borrowed iPad.)
Eric Matthews,
Sep 20, 2011, 10:17 AM