Accelerate your learning and ability to create great information system solutions for yourself, for your department, or for your university. FileMaker Pro is an excellent platform for rapid application development and data modeling as well as for managing efficiently an organized body of information. The resources available here are intended to support FileMaker database users and developers in making best use of this platform.


Useful learning and reference materials. 


FileMaker related events at SJSU or at FileMaker Inc. headquarters in Santa Clara.


Database and application developers and their supervisors on campus.


Campus wide FileMaker announcements page.


The "FileMaker Group at SJSUis the active FileMaker distribution/discussion list (but you can post to this page just for fun)


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Recent Announcements

  • Upcoming Opportunities for Student App Developers My success as a prolific in-house app developer here at SJSU is largely due to the fact that I develop on a most approachable and sustainable app development platform: FileMaker (an Apple subsidiary)  To spread this opportunity to students, I’m currently working with one or more sponsors who expect to be able to provide some great learning and careers opportunities for SJSU students (partly due to a demand for new FileMaker developers). When I find out more about these opportunities within the next 30 days, I will post here again and here: https://groups.google.com/a/sjsu.edu/forum/#!forum/filemaker-group By the way, I happen to be co-chair for the DIGFM user group, that ...
    Posted Jun 13, 2018, 2:23 PM by Eric Matthews
  • DevCon 2011 Roundup The FileMaker Developer Conference was the most concentrated professional development event I've attended in years and was a great opportunity to learn and to bring information back to our campus. In the higher education in-house developer discussion session I facilitated, there were FileMaker developers from De Anza College, UCSF, UC Irvine, Cornell, MIT, UT Austin, Texas A&M, Baylor, Duquesne, Drexel, Nebraska, Washington, Australia, and more.Below is a FileMaker database link to all the sessions that were available:fmp7:// to current Google App bugs, you might have to copy and paste this URL directly into your browser's address field.)You can click on each session in the list for a ...
    Posted Aug 16, 2011, 11:26 AM by Eric Matthews
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) Development: The 13th Module While we were busy with training this semester, I learned that some departments have been recently blessed with new iPads on top of those who already have the iPhone or iPod Touch. Well, one of the best kept secrets is that if you know how to develop a FileMaker solution, like those 19 trainees who completed spring training, you already know how to develop applications for all those iOS devices with the hardware and software you already have. To use all those databases and applications, all you need on your iOS device is FileMaker Go, and you'll have as many apps as you can shake a FileMaker Pro client at. Those who got their training materials this spring have ...
    Posted May 27, 2011, 7:08 PM by Eric Matthews
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