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DRAFT PROPOSAL: Software Available to SJSU Students

The easiest and best start for anyone new to developing apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, or web (especially database applications on a no-code/low-code platform) is the Free 45-day trial of FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Server:

FileMaker Go is freely available on the App Store to run FileMaker apps on iPad and iPhone:

Not only can you build full-fledged apps on the FileMaker platform, but development is rapid enough to quickly prototype for other platforms as well.


By applying for the program below, SJSU students can freely invest more than 45-days 

  • Learning to use or to develop apps in FileMaker Pro Advanced for themselves, for their student organizations, or for others students
  • Acquiring the expertise and knowledge for on-campus jobs, off-campus internships or entry-level jobs, or even for FileMaker Developer Certification

Student FileMaker Developer Subscription

SJSU students can apply for one of the free SJSU Student FileMaker Annual Licenses (with potential for renewal). 

With an SJSU Student FileMaker Annual License you will have access to FileMaker Pro Advanced and to a campus instance of FileMaker Server.

How to Apply for a Free SJSU Student FileMaker Annual License

Second: If you'd like to receive extra help from the FileMaker community while you're learning and hope to make potential contacts for off-campus internships or entry-level jobs, accurately complete your FileMaker Community profile as follows so we can identify and introduce you as a San José State University student: 
  1. For Email use your campus SJSU.EDU address.
  2. For Company use exactly "San José State University". (Copy and paste the text between the quotes.)
  3. For Title enter "Student"
  4. For Department, enter your major (e.g. B.A. Art History)
  5. Under PrivacyName, CompanyTitle, Email and Department must be visible to at least "Connections". 
Third: Identify yourself as a student to SJSU's Primary FileMaker Developer Subscriber, Eric Matthews:
  1. Follow "eric":
  2. 'Send direct message' to "eric" containing your nine-digit SJSU ID number, so we can confirm you are enrolled at SJSU.
Through the FileMaker Community, eric will contact you with further instructions to receive your academic software.
Make sure to set your Community notifications appropriately: 

Fourth (optional): To make on-campus FileMaker user connections, some with potential on-campus work, subscribe to SJSU's FileMaker Group:
SJSU-related FileMaker announcements are sent and discussed through this group.

Fifth (optional): Consider attending the DIGFM user group, that is, the Developer Interest Group in FileMaker that meets at FileMaker, Inc. headquarters in Santa Clara, on second Thursdays of the month at 6:30pm. You can attend online or in-person, (but only those who RSVP and attend in-person are eligible for free pizza when served). Whether attending in-person or online, please proudly identify yourself as an SJSU student. This program at SJSU could be competing with similar programs at other institutions

Note: The number of free SJSU Student FileMaker Annual Licenses is limited; so involvement and achievement could be required to be eligible for renewal.